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Omnichannel experience for Homefashion Group

Homefashion Group wanted to shift customer perception towards modern and inspiring furnishings for their flagship brand Kwantum.

The goal was to create a highly personalized website with an authentic community experience for visitors. Using Mercury E-commerce, Homefashion Group now executes an agile and flexible strategy. 

Read the Homefashion Group case Download the leaflet: Mercury E-commerce
Homepage Kwantum, part of Homefashion Group
Homepage Plaisio made with Mercury E-commerce

Plaisio optimizes customer experience in retail

Plaisio is strongly motivated to invest in a new B2B and B2C e-commerce platform to secure their position as a market leader.

By capturing all customer data, Plaisio can create a 360-degree view of each in order to personalize both content and commerce. Their new platform should also increase scalability.


Read the Plaisio case Learn more about working with Mercury

Macaw chooses Sitecore and Mercury

Platinum Sitecore implementation partner Macaw redefined its go-to market strategy with a strong focus on Sitecore Commerce projects. Macaw has strategically chosen Mercury E-commerce as their accelerator on top of Sitecore Commerce. 

With Mercury Macaw is now able to deliver highly flexible e-commerce platforms at a shorter time to market. Due to the lower project cost Macaw always delivers a competitive offer and lands more projects.

Want to become a Mercury partner? Read the Macaw press release
Macaw is an official Mercury E-commerce partner

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