Shorter time to market

Keep your strategy viable

We see it all the time...
Developing enterprise e-commerce projects takes time while the company strategy rapidly changes. After more than 6 months into the build of the e-commerce solution, the initial strategy is already outdated and the launch date is nowhere in sight.

With Mercury and its ready to use components you can skip a great deal of time-consuming development and start personalizing right away. Reducing your time to market keeps your strategy viable. 

Shorter time to market for your enterprise e-commerce solution
Ready to use components save you valuable time and resources

Lower your TCO

Reduce your risk cost

On time and on budget is a rare achievement, especially with a project as complex as launching a new e-commerce platform. Not with Mercury.

Our pre-developed components save you the valuable time and resources otherwise spent on development. All of our components are developed based on the latest technology and are thoroughly tested.

Mercury secures your progress and significantly lowers your total cost of ownership. 

Future-proof your e-commerce

Use technology that lasts

The lifecycle for e-commerce websites is relatively short. Customer expectations constantly change and grow as new technologies emerge on a near daily basis.

Sitecore and Mercury ensure technology that exceeds present and future customer expectations. You can connect all your data to one database, personalize to the max, and exercise ultimate flexibility to create a full-grown omnichannel approach.
The future is bright with Mercury E-commerce. 

Get your e-commerce future proof with Mercury and Sitecore

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