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Adapt every touchpoint to perfectly fit your customer experience

Ultimate flexibility

Mercury has a unique flexible layer that makes Sitecore data structure more accessible. This flexibility is applied on all Mercury components, allowing you to personalize the shopping experience to the extreme. Whether it’s a product page, your cart or making a new filter, your marketers have ultimate flexibility at their fingertips.

Personalization to the extreme with the flexibility of Mercury
The flexible UI allows you to change styling to better fit your customers journey
Customize all components with our extremely flexible UI

Create an experience

All Mercury components come with standard UI ready for styling. Change the way your product features are shown, add color pickers to your category or categorize your search results. Anything is possible and easily done by your marketers. Because of Mercury’s ready to use components you get to focus on creating the perfect experience for your customers.

Use back-end data to extend experiences

Ready to integrate

Launching a new e-commerce platform is challenging enough without having to replace your current services.  Mercury is ready to fully integrate with services like payment and shipping providers and analytics tools. Together with Sitecore’s ability to tap into your CRM, ERP and other non-Sitecore websites, Mercury significantly lowers the risks of launching your new platform.  

Easy integration of your current services with Mercury to lower the project risk of your e-commerce solution

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