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Share The switch to Sitecore SXA involved various quests, which included discovering the location of the hostname link for the site.

After taking over a Sitecore SXA virtual machine from Azure, the hostname needed to be modified. Much to my surprise, the (target) hostname configuration for the sites was empty in the default patch file. Logically, this would mean that it would have been added in a separate custom patch file; but no such luck.

So, this was only the start of my search. After various intermediate stops, including IIS Bindings, Windows hosts file and network troubleshooting, I concluded that it had to be Sitecore configuration. My quest finally ended with the Sitecore content, where the hostname was configured within the Site Grouping Storefront settings.

Changing the hostname for Sitecore SXA

Although at the time it seemed like an odd choice to include this configuration in the content, I have now come to appreciate that it is necessary for ensuring a smooth experience when creating and managing tenants and sites. Unfortunately, this indicates it is no longer self-evident that the compiled Sitecore configuration is the holy grail in terms of configuration analysis or simply looking up a configuration value.

More on Sitecore Experience Commerce

Over the next few weeks I will be publishing a number of articles on what's new in Sitecore Experience Commerce. Each featuring a specific new feature. So stay tuned for more...

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With the change to SXA the hostname needs to be modified. This article shows you how #SITECORE # HOWTO # BACKEND  Share
After taking over a Sitecore SXA virtual machine from Azure, the hostname needed to be modified. #SITECORE # HOWTO # BACKEND  Share