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Lets talk at Sitecore Symposium

Speed date our Commerce experts

Going to the Sitecore Symposium (October 16 - 19) and looking to expand your knowledge on Sitecore Commerce? Let's meet in Las Vegas to talk about your next steps. We have been in the Commerce game for 17 years and released our Sitecore Commerce accelerator Mercury 2 years ago. Lots of experience you can use to your advantage to reduce project risk and time to market.


Business or tech?

We are passionate about Sitecore Commerce. We know that implementing a new e-commerce solution is a challenge for all envolved disciplines. Integrating Mercury into your Sitecore Commerce platform benefits both business and tech. We would love to share the impact of Mercury based on your profession. See you in Vegas!

Schedule an appointment

Sitecore Commerce is hot! Our meetups during the Symposium are too. Make sure we get the time to meet and save your time slot now. The form also offers you the possibility to address a specific question or talking point.

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Peter Hesseling, Product Development Lead

Peter Hesseling

Product Development Lead
With over 15 years of commerce experience and a passion for online commerce, I am always looking to extend Mercury with ready to use features and great flexibility.
Barry Loekenbach, Business Development

Barry Loekenbach

Business Development
Business development manager with 15 years of experience in marketing and supply chain. Passionate about driving customers success with our solution accelerator.