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Share A recent Sitecore study revealed how online marketers rate the digital maturity of their brand. Just 34% of participants described their brand as above average. Curious to find out your digital maturity?

Participants rated their brands without any guidelines on digital maturity, working instead with their own perceptions of what it means to be digitally mature. Only 11% of marketers considered their brand to be at the top level of maturity.

How digital mature is your brand

Customer Experience Maturity Model 

Sitecore developed a 10-step survey to determine digital maturity. The outcome of the survey ranks your brand in the Customer experience maturity model. Depending on where you are on the Customer experience maturity model, Sitecore suggests additional steps to take to grow your digital maturity.

Want to determine your own digital maturity? Take the survey now.

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What's your brand's digital maturity? Only one in three digital marketers rate their brand above average #BRANDMATURITY # SITECORE  Share
A recent survey showed that just over 10% of the digital marketers find their brand to be at the top level of maturity #BRANDMATURITY # SITECORE  Share