Share 81% of businesses believe their online sales will increase next year. With global online sales expected to grow extensively the next 12 months, it's more than possible that some of those businesses will succeed. The only trouble is that just 15% of brands are actually ready to offer their customers the experience they expect.

Today, you can - and need to - aim higher than just getting a purchase from a customer. Rather than selling a product once, you can build a relationship that gets better and better over time and that will earn you far more sales than just that single purchase.

Contextual marketing is a proven method for gaining a competitive edge. This whitepaper will show you what you need from your e-commerce platform and how this is captured in Sitecore Commerce with 5 key capabilities:
  • Pricing engine
  • Promotion engine
  • Order management
  • Catalog manager
  • Profile manager

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Why you should invest in Sitecore Commerce for your enterprise business? Read the whitepaper #SITECORE # COMMERCE  Share
Sitecore offers 5 key capabilities that make it a platform to consider for your online business #SITECORE # COMMERCE  Share