We love Sitecore, and we love our gadgets, don't we? Here's the perfect way to combine those two.
Get ready to win a Passport drone camera at Sitecore Symposium.

On day three of the Sitecore Symposium we selected a winner: Robbert Hock. We congratulate Robbert with this great gadget.


** The competition has ended **
Like the Passport drone, Mercury E-commerce is all about flexibility and the latest technology that is ready-to-use to make your Sitecore Commerce soar and leave the rest behind. This is your chance to add one of the coolest gadgets out there to your collection. All you have to do is:

1. Follow us on Twitter @SitecoreMercury
2. Tell us why you should win / or retweet our pinned tweet
3. Mention @sitecoremercury and #sitecoresym


We will be flying a Passport drone camera during Sitecore Symposium, so finding us shouldn't be that difficult. On the last day of Sitecore Symposium we will randomly select a winner to take home a Passport drone camera. It just might be you! 

Rather talk shop than fly a drone? We will have a team of four Sitecore Commerce specialists at Sitecore Symposium ready to help you kickstart your Commerce project. They know all about reducing your time to market, keeping your project risk in check, and creating the best shopping experience. Book a meeting during Symposium now. 

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