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Share Installing Sitecore Experience Commerce 9 can be, depending on your needs or setup, a bumpy ride. We gathered a number of common problems which we encountered while installing XC9 ,using the SIF installation script. Hopefully the following solutions will save you some time!

Cannot find root certificate

The default Sitecore root certificate is hard-coded in the installation files. Set the SitecoreRootCert parameter in CommerceEngine.Deploy.json to the correct value (and possibly all other JSON files that contain SitecoreRootCert).

Failure on path parameters

The default parameters in have wildcards which might result that Resolve-Path finds multiple files. This commonly happens when you unzip the complete XC9 zip file in the installation directory. Make sure each path lookup matches a single file.

Install hangs on querying Windows user / cannot access database during install

The Commerce installation expects a Windows domain user with access to the SQL server. Make sure you have a user with the correct permissions. Possibly you need to adapt the SIF Powershell scripts (e.g. WindowsLocalUser.psm1).

Generation of new certificate: cannot find Signer

When you get an error that says 'cannot find Signer' check that you have only one certificate that matches the DNS names, see this post.

SQL server provider not installed

The installation script checks if SQL server is present in the host registry. If not it throws the following error: SQL Server Provider for Windows PowerShell is not installed.
When you do not want to install SQL server, install the Powershell SQL server module:

PS> Install-Module -Name SQLServer

And disable in DeployCommerceDatabase.psm1 the call to Add-SQLPSSnapin.

Cannot find Install-WindowsFeature cmdlet

When your SIF installation cannot find the Install-WindowsFeature Powershell cmdlet, import the following Powershell module:

PS> Import-Module ServerManager

Cannot reach Sitecore Identity Server

Before bootstrapping your Commerce instance a token needs to be retrieved from the Sitecore Identity server. When the Identity Server is not reachable on localhost you most likely need to set the default value of UrlIdentityServerGetToken in CommerceEngine.Initialize.json.

HTTP error 500.19 when contacting Commerce server

When you get a 500.19 error when connecting to Commerce, you might be missing the Windows Hosting prerequisite. Try installing .NET core Windows Hosting, see this post.

Cannot find (localhost) servers

The default SIF installation script uses the Master_SingleServer.json configuration which assumes that all services are reachable on localhost. When this isn't the case in for your setup you will have to manually replace all localhost entries in the various *.json configuration files.

Fails on Content Sync paths

When the installation fails on the Content Path sync step, most likely the SQL and/or Sitecore credentials are incorrect. Make sure that the SQL and Sitecore credentials are correctly set in Global.json and PlugIn.Content.PolicySet-1.0.0.json.

Commerce Engine process does not start after installation

When the Commerce Engine process does not start:
  • Check the application event log
  • Check that the Appliation Pool user has access to the Commerce Engine installation folder
  • Check the log of the process, e.g. the IdentityServer URL defaults to localhost which might be wrong
  • Perform dotnet run in VS project directory (or dotnet <process name>) to start the process and get a stacktrace
  • Verify that there are NO single iso double back-slashes in appsettings.json
  • Clean the installation directory and re-publish

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Having trouble installing Sitecore Experience Commerce 9? This article provides a solution for the most common installation issues #SITECORE # XC9 # INSTALLATION  Share
Troubleshooting the Experience Commerce 9 installation with these solutions for the most common installation issues #EXPERIENCECOMMERCE #INSTALLATION #TROUBLE  Share