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Share E-commerce plays a vital part in attracting and acquiring new customers as well as defending market share from competitors. In a high-pressure market e-businesses are on the lookout for features that give them a competitive edge and that keep up with the ever-increasing expectations of customers spoiled for choice by every other retailer.

According to the Forrester Wave report on B2C Commerce Suites, this leads to a demand in these four sophisticated E-commerce technologies:

Omnichannel engagement

A rich shopping experience in one shop doesn’t cut it anymore. Customers demand a hollistic approach from retailers across all their channels. 81% of ‘pioneer’ customers expect retailers to offer multiple fulfillment options like buying online and picking up at a local store..

Personalizing the experience

Today’s commerce suites must offer high levels of personalization to enhance customer experience by adapting content and products based on previous sales, content consumed and visited pages.

Data-driven decisions

To meet the rising expectations of customers, retailers need a better understanding of their customers. These insights can be most easily obtained by reporting, analytics and data-driven tools that create a 360-degree view of each individual visitor.

Flexibility and a shorter time to market

Retailers demand more flexible solutions from their vendors that allow them to quickly adapt to changes in customer expectations. These higher levels of agility must be combined with a faster time to market in order to stay relevant among customers.

Download your copy of the full Forrester Wave B2C Commerce suites report to learn more about how providers measure up and e-businesses make the right decisions.
Looking for a flexible solution that fits these four criteria and is fully integrated in Sitecore Commerce? Read about the advantages of Mercury E-commerce for your enterprise e-commerce platform.

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E-commerce plays a vital part in attracting and acquiring new customers as well as defending market share from competitors #SITECORE # COMMERCE  Share
Forrester made a list of key features every enterprise online store should have. How does your store stack up? #SITECORE # COMMERCE  Share