Share Recently, Sitecore surveyed over 300 online marketers on the digital maturity of their brand. Just about a third ranked their brand as above average.

In addition, they were also asked to score their customers on digital maturity. Only 8% of participants rated their customers as below average. 18% of them scored their customers above average. 

Digital Maturity of your customers

Today's consumer

Averaging just under three hours a day of active use on their mobile device, today’s consumers can be accurately described as “hyper connected.” Being online is a constant throughout their daily routines and is the way they search for information.

As a company, you are expected to be aware of and anticipate this. New initiatives like Uber and Airbnb show just how disruptive new technology can be. It sets a new standard of expectations for all other brands. Consumers are spoiled for choice. And if your brand can’t live up to their expectations, they will take their business to your competition.

Want to know more about digital maturity? Check out the Customer Experience Maturity Model.


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How digitally mature are your customers and do you meet those expectations? #DIGITALMATURITY # SITECORE  Share
Today's customers spend at average three hours a day on their mobile device. Are you ready for digital mature customers? #DIGITALMATURITY # SITECORE  Share