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Share Erwin Werkman has added yet another consecutive year to his Sitecore Most Valuable Professional status. The only MVP for Sitecore Commerce in the Netherlands.

Each year Sitecore recognizes professionals from all over the world for their individual expertise and active participation in the Sitecore community. In Erwin’s case, he is rewarded for his extensive knowledge of Sitecore Commerce.  

The award ceremony is yet to come but all 2018 Sitecore MVP’s were announced today. You can view the entire list here

Proud to be a MVP    

Erwin is still the only Sitecore Commerce for the Netherlands. Although he is no longer the only Commerce MVP for the BeNeLux region, seeing the number of Sitecore Commerce MVP’s increase is a great development for the community. We welcome Timothy Steleman to the Commerce community. 

Erwin is particularly proud of his recognition this year. There’s a lot of focus on Sitecore Commerce especially with this years launch of Sitecore Commerce 9. 
Lars Nielsen, co-Founder and Chief Development Officer at Sitecore: “The Sitecore MVP Award is given to exceptional community leaders who foster the free and objective exchange of knowledge by actively sharing their real-world expertise with users.”

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Erwin Werkman is #sitecoremvp Commerce for the 4th time in a row. Achieved through extensive knowledge and participation in the #sitecore community #SITECOREMVP # SITECORE   Share
The 2018 Sitecore MVP list is out! @erwinwerkman extended his MVP status for the fourth consecutive year as only Commerce MVP in the NL #SITECOREMVP # SITECORE   Share