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Share For the third year in a row Erwin Werkman has been named Sitecore Commerce MVP, making him the only Commerce MVP for the BeNeLux area.

His status as Most Valuable Professional for Sitecore Commerce is based on his exceptional contribution to the Sitecore Commerce community and is a recognition of his extensive knowledge of Sitecore Commerce.

Sitecore MVP awards

Erwin received his award during SUGCON 2017 together with 281 other Sitecore Most Valuable Professionals. These professionals were selected out of 1,800 recommendations. There are only 17 other Sitecore Commerce MVPs worldwide. 

Erwin still is the only Sitecore Commerce MVP for the Dutch, Belgian and Luxembourg region. When first awarded the title two years ago, Erwin was the very first Sitecore Commerce MVP.

Lars Nielsen, co-Founder and Chief Development Officer at Sitecore: “The Sitecore MVP Award is given to exceptional community leaders who foster the free and objective exchange of knowledge by actively sharing their real-world expertise with users.” 

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SitecoreMercury is proud to have the only Sitecore Commerce MVP in the Benelux @erwinwerkman #SITECOREMVP # SITECORE   Share
Erwin Werkman was the first ever Sitecore Commerce MVP and proud member of team @SitecoreMercury @erwinwerkman #SITECOREMVP # SITECORE   Share