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Share Looking for the next step in e-commerce? Get ready to offer your customers a highly personalized shopping experience that will turn them into ambassadors for your brand.

With Sitecore Commerce, you can use everything you know about your customers to deliver contextual shopping experiences that transform potential clients into lifelong fans. Personalizing the experience for each unique customer — from awareness to advocacy, from one purchase to the next — is how you grow revenue today and in the future.  

Sitecore maintains an up-to-date profile and cross-channel history for each customer interacting with your brand. From stores, catalogs, and direct mail to web, email, and social media, the commerce experience is composed of interactions across every channel. Sitecore Commerce helps you pull it all together to manage the full customer life cycle and drive lifetime customer value.

Download the Sitecore Commerce brochure for more detailed information on Sitecore Commerce.

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Download the free Sitecore Commerce brochure to find out why they fit enterprise businesses best #SITECORE # COMMERCE # OWNTHEEXPERIENCE  Share
I just downloaded the Sitecore Commerce brochure. A great solution for online stores that demand extreme personalization #SITECORE # COMMERCE # OWNTHEEXPERIENCE  Share