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Share Looking for an enterprise e-commerce platform in combination with a strong CMS? Deliver an experience beyond what your visitors expect with Sitecore Commerce.

Use all available data on your customers to give them the best shopping experience every time they visit. With Sitecore Commerce your product information, web content and online marketing are fused into one to give you the tools you need to be personal and targeted with each visit.

Increase online revenue

Entice your customers to return to their abandoned shopping cart using extensive cross and upsell possibilities. Personalize automated triggers based on previous behavior on your site to bring them back. Use this knowledge to continuously improve your checkout process.

Create ambassadors

Invest in your relationship with customers after the purchase to create ambassadors for your brand. Using personalized marketing automation to supply your customer with helpful tips and content keeps them engaged and creates opportunities for additional purchases.

Spotlight your products

Your product range is an important part of why customers buy at your online store. Provide the right context for your products by customizing your catalogs. Even your most complex product information is easily manageable and shareable across all your channels.

The ultimate customer journey

Flexibility is the name of the game. Create a highly adaptable platform that allows you to tailor the experience for each individual visitor in real time. Integrating Mercury E-commerce with Sitecore gives you all the tools you need to create the ultimate customer experience.

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Nice article on why Sitecore CMS and Commerce are a strong combination for enterprise businesses #SITECORE # COMMERCE # ENTERPRISECMS  Share
With Sitecore Commerce your product information, web content and online marketing are fused into one #SITECORE # COMMERCE # ENTERPRISECMS  Share