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Share As a family business for more than 80 years, Plaisio now has over twenty stores, 50 million visitors and a large B2C and B2B client base. They foresee the challenge of offering similar customer experiences and service levels across all their channels.

By upgrading their current e-commerce solution to a true omnichannel retail solution, Plaisio is able to offer cohesive personalized shopping experiences to all their clients across all their channels. The new platform will also offer a higher level of scalability and full integration of their marketing tools. This will render their current multiple marketing tools obsolete and provide a 360-degree view of each customer.

Sitecore CMS and Experience Platform
With Sitecore CMS and Experience Platform (XP), Plaisio found the best solution to creating a 360-degree view of each customer in order to increase contextual marketing and create a more engaging customer experience on all devices. Managing their web content is made significantly easier by switching to Sitecore, named a ‘leader’ in the recent  Gartner and Forrester Web Content Management Suite reports. With this choice Plaisio is equipped with state of the art enterprise commerce and marketing tools.

Mercury e-commerce
By making the e-commerce platform the base of the solution, Plaisio fast tracks the implementation process. Mercury’s ready to use components significantly reduce development time, allowing Plaisio to go straight to styling and polishing their competitive edge. The much shorter time to market was exactly what Plaisio was looking for.
“After several design changes in our current website in the past few years, the advantages of a complete new platform became clear: the new e-commerce platform must support an extended customer journey for B2C2B and integrate with the Plaisio application landscape.

The partnership and corporation between Sitecore and Mercury E-commerce convinced us of the e-commerce functionalities, customer experience and integration possibilities. On top of that, Mercury's e-commerce project approach in combination with Sitecore’s business optimization was perfectly in line with our expectations,” says Socrates Fotiou, Manager of Information Systems at Plaisio.

Project kick-off in Greece
The shorter time to market is possible partially due to the Mercury E-commerce project approach based on a fit/gap analysis. The first phase of the project took place in Greece at Plaisio headquaters. Currently, several sprints have been completed as the go-live date approaches.

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Sitecore Commerce reference case: fast tracking the implementation period using Mercury E-commerce #SITECORE # COMMERCE  Share
We are now equipped with state of the art enterprise e-commerce and marketing tools. Read the Plaisio case #SITECORE # COMMERCE  Share