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On 1 September, in collaboration with Aviva Solutions, Plaisio launched its completely revamped online store. The Greek electronics giant has created a new commerce platform that runs on Sitecore, integrating both enterprise e-commerce and customer experience management.

Plaisio now has a fully-fledged omnichannel retail solution, solidifying and extending its role as a trendsetter and market leader. Plaisio has added many functionalities to its online stores in recent years, enabling it to meet ever-increasing customer requirements and respond to the latest marketing insights. Despite these upgrades, the old commerce platform had become outdated. 

"After several design changes to our current website, the advantages of starting again with a completely new platform soon became obvious. On top of that, the many separate marketing systems and tools were starting to be more of a hindrance than a help," says Socrates Fotiou, Plaisio’s information systems manager. A fresh e-commerce platform was required to support an extended B2C2B customer journey and integrate with the Plaisio application landscape.

Implementation partner was an easy choice

Following a recommendation from Sitecore, Plaisio looked into the options for a collaboration with Aviva Solutions. Fotiou explains, "The excellent partnership between Sitecore and Aviva Solutions – and the Mercury E-commerce accelerator they had developed – made us confident that we could realise a wide range of e-commerce opportunities together. In addition to their extensive experience, Aviva's project approach was perfectly in line with our expectations. We wanted the new site to offer innovative online customer service alongside engaging content personalisation for our target groups and a seamless user experience. The combination of Sitecore's marketing possibilities, the ready-to-use components of Mercury E-commerce and the proven track record of the Aviva team made our choice very easy." 

A platform that can handle Black Friday

Full integration with Plaisio's marketing systems and application landscape is now complete. With the switch to a new e-commerce platform, the retailer now also has a solution that – thanks to the migration to Azure hosting – can be scaled up flexibly. Fotiou says, "The new environment must be able to handle the four million hits per month our website receives. Because these visits double with events like Black Friday, high scalability is essential."

Live during a major campaign 

Now that is live, the company can continue its omnichannel plans and capitalise on the strategy. "'We went live with an average of 2,000 active visitors on the site," says Leo Wessels, project manager at Aviva Solutions. "The launch took place during a major campaign with last-minute price changes. It was rather tense and perhaps not optimal, but it does reflect the reality of a major retailer. It also underscores Plaisio's confidence in the solution. We achieved it together and the initial results are very promising. We're proud of this project!"

About Plaisio

Plaisio is the market leader in consumer electronics, gaming, photo equipment, mobile devices and computer equipment in Greece and Bulgaria. A family business since the 1980s, the retailer has an excellent track record in innovative products (including its own brand Turbo-X), competitive pricing and, above all, top-notch service. With an annual turnover of around €300 million, 160,000 B2B customers, 22 stores and 50 million online visitors, Plaisio is one of the biggest players in the market.

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