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Share A Sitecore survey revealed the biggest trends in e-commerce according to more then 300 online marketers. One of those trends is personalization.

Marketers are increasingly faced with new tools and channels to target their audiences. But with these new possibilities also come new challenges. You need to have the right technology in place and to keep all your data in one data silo. You must map out customer journeys to be able to comprehend when to use and where.

But most importantly, you need to have a firm understanding of your customers’ expectations and desires to make the interaction meaningful. The marketers who know what makes their customers tick and engage accordingly will be the most successful.

Getting to know your customers

In order for personalization to work you need to know your customers and their expectations. Study their interactions with your brand beyond just ‘views’ and ‘clicks’. Determine your visitors’ value by defining goals for each interaction.

The next step is to integrate your customer journey in Analytics to give you clear insights on the results of each touchpoint. Optimizing each point of interaction will guide you towards higher conversion rates overall.

Making it personal

Personalization starts with dividing your customer journey into several versions, one for each persona. Adapt each touchpoint in the journey to optimally fit that persona. Treat them as individuals and incorporate what you know about these personas in your content. Read more on how Sitecore Commerce manages personalisation.

This article is part of a Sitecore survey on Digital trends. Download your free copy of the survey below.

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A Sitecore survey revealed Personalization to be the biggest trend amongst digital marketers. Read the full article #DIGITALTRENDS # SITECORE  Share
Digital marketers named Personalization as biggest trend according to a Sitecore survey. Are you ready for Personalization? #DIGITALTRENDS # SITECORE  Share