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Share One of the promising features of Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA), which is actually lacking in Sitecore itself, is Partial Designs. 

This feature enables a page designer to group components and reuse them on multiple website pages. The simplest example is a header or footer partial design to be used on many different pages: changes to the partial design need only be made once and are immediately updated on all pages. 



Sitecore did in fact have an alternative available: a page template could be created that already contained the header and footer renderings and this could easily be reused for the website pages themselves. Unfortunately, this trick only worked with a one-to-one link between the page and the template. As our projects often use a more hierarchical structure, Partial Designs is a very welcome extension that will save us a lot of manual effort.

More on Sitecore Experience Commerce

Over the next few weeks I will be publishing a number of articles on what's new in Sitecore Experience Commerce. Each featuring a specific new feature. So stay tuned for more...

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Partial design is a new feature in Sitecore Experience Commerce allowing you to reuse components on multiple webpages #SITECORE # DEVELOPMENT # HOWTO # BACKEND  Share
Use partial design to reuse your header and footer on multiple webpages. Changes made to the component are automatically updated on all pages #SITECORE # DEVELOPMENT # HOWTO # BACKEND  Share