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Share All B2C Commerce Suites tap into the pillars of e-commerce on any level: Commerce management, Experience management, Order management and Product Information Management. Finding your best solution between all the B2C Commerce suites is no easy task.

Knowing what to look for and dividing the vendors accordingly will help you find the Commerce suite that fits your business best. Most retailers choose their Commerce suite based on three modes:

All-in one approach

If you can’t afford integrating multiple best-of-breed components for your lower to mid-market enterprise business, choosing a Commerce suite that combines all 4 pillars of e-commerce in a single solution is preferable. The same would apply for a business with a significant previous investment in a Commerce suite.

Best-of-breed components

Choosing a single vendor for each required capability might sound ideal, but in reality it has a significant impact on both resources and vendor management. Most businesses explore the capabilities within a Commerce suite and find best-of-breed components for missing elements. This is most seen in enterprise businesses and large retailers with extensive experience in e-commerce.

Headless suites

The rising star in capabilities on which to base your decision is Headless CMS. Primarily offering Commerce management, Headless CMS integrates with existing Enterprise marketing, and Web CMS to manage the front-end. Headless CMS is most commonly chosen by businesses that are heavily invested in their current CMS and marketing tools. Headless CMS demands strong developer toolkits from the Commerce suite it integrates with.

This article is part of the Forrester Wave Report on B2C Commerce suites. Download the full version of the Wave report.

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Knowing what to look for and dividing the vendors accordingly will help you find the Commerce suite that fits your business best #COMMERCE # SITECORE  Share
Nice article on how to choose the right vendor for your Commerce suite #COMMERCE # SITECORE  Share