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Share Driven by the desire to shift customer perception of Kwantum as a discount seller of furniture to a leader in modern and inspiring home fashions, Kwantum wanted to create a truly personalized and authentic customer experience.

Kwantum formed a multiple pillar strategy to realize their goals that included customer engagement, relevant content, and a strong focus on personalizing the shopping experience for each buyer persona.  

With a strong preference for a one platform approach Kwantum chose Sitecore Commerce and Sitecore Experience Platform. To meet their needs for a short time to market and extreme flexibility, Kwantum turned to Mercury E-commerce for its Sitecore Commerce accelerator.  

Jeroen de Punder, Chief Marketing Officer at Kwantum: "Mercury E-commerce enables us to implement a highly flexible and agile e-commerce strategy with which we'll be able to launch online niche stores within a matter of weeks.”  

Bart Hoppe, Chief Executive Officer at Mercury E-commerce: “Due to the ready for styling e-commerce components of Mercury E-commerce, Homefashion Group is able to reduce project risk, shorten the time to market, and empower marketers to strengthen the online community and implement personalization with 50% less budget.” 

Download the full Sitecore Commerce reference case below.

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How a large furniture retailer created a truly personalized and authentic customer experience using @Sitecore and @SitecoreMercury Share
Kwantum chose Sitecore and SitecoreMercury for personalization, extreme flexibility and fast time to market #SITECORE # KWANTUM  Share