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Share Personalization is only as good as the understanding you have of your customer. Without extensive knowledge of your customers it’s impossible to meet their expectations and match those with the right offer. 

This knowledge comes from gathering user interaction data from each touchpoint across all your channels. The most well-known sources for this data are:

Point of entry

The starting point on your site says a lot about the intentions of a visitor. Was it through a search or a paid social ad? Distinguish new visitors from returning customers that enter your site via your newsletter, for instance.

Anonymous data

Visitors bring a wealth of information with them, giving you insights on how, when and why they visited your site. Compare that data to time of year or season to get a handle on when specific items are in higher demand.

Visitor behavior

Get a sense of your visitors’ real-time intent based on visited pages, entered searches and read content, and the point at which browsing led to a conversion. This is all valuable data to help understand your customers’ needs.

External data

Valuable data does not come from just your website. Your CRM, ERP, customer service, and third-party solutions all offer loads of information. Combine this information with the first three items for a comprehensive view of your customer’s behavior.
Sources for gathering data to personalize your e-commerce

For more in-depth insight on applying personalization to your e-commerce, download Sitecore's free whitepaper: 'How to personalize your e-commerce to boost performance'.

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