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Is it possible to go live in seven months with a complete Sitecore Commerce platform that includes e-commerce components your competition lacks? Yes, it is! We recently launched, on time and packed with cool features, using our Mercury starter kit.

Retailer Bruna has 288 brick-and-mortar stores and an online store with ten million visitors per year. The Dutch market leader in books, magazines, newspapers and greeting cards wanted a new retail platform to bring together not only online and offline worlds but readers and authors as well.

That calls for marketing automation and excellent personalization. In a word: Sitecore.
The online store, with 350,000 products, was so technologically out of date that further development was impossible. The company went in search of a new retail platform that would lay a solid foundation for the future: a robust omni-channel base for ongoing development.

Sitecore was the obvious choice and Aviva Solutions was brought on board thanks to our extensive experience in this field and the fact that our Mercury E-commerce accelerator drastically shortens the lead time. A lot had to be done within a short period as the tight deadline posed quite a challenge. Despite the time frame, we implemented version 9 of Sitecore Experience Commerce, which had only just been released, in combination with Mercury E-commerce and Sitecore Email Experience Manager.

Want to know more about how we did it? Download the case study.

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