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Share Most marketers understand the need to personalize their customer experiences, but research show that very few actually practice personalization. Why? In order for personalization to actually add value, you need a deeper understanding of each customer and real-time access to their previous brand interactions.

This understanding and execution, called context marketing, is an approach that delivers measurable, relevant customer experiences that improve performance and loyalty and drives your results. Context marketing is part of the Sitecore Experience Platform. As a user, all you have to do is start using it.

This Sitecore whitepaper helps you understand the difference between personalization and context marketing and provides you with 10 tactics to implement context marketing, varying from basic ways to create a personalized experience to more sophisticated strategies. The discussed tactics are:
  • Give a special welcome to new visitors
  • Treat existing customers like existing customers
  • Connect and retarget inbound experiences
  • Leverage geolocation
  • Connect personalization to conversions
  • Take mobile context into account
  • Take advantage of visitor profiling
  • Score your customers
  • Let customers connect with social media
  • Map a customer journey
Download your free copy of this whitepaper below.

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Free whitepaper with useful tips on how to actually get started with personalization #SITECORE # PERSONALIZATION  Share