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Sitecore Experience Commerce 9 features

Experience Commerce 9 blends your content, commerce, and contextual marketing to help you increase your engagement and create higher revenues. Giving you all the tools to develop a stellar online shopping experience. But you still need to develop everything from scratch.

Our feature pack is built, specifically for Sitecore Experience Commerce 9, to provide you with all the commerce features you need, already developed and tested. Allowing you to bypass basic development and focus on creating the perfect experience.

Sitecore SXA features

With Experience Commerce 9 Sitecore introduced their Experience Accelerator SXA, designed to accelerate the development and deployment of storefronts. SXA offers a variety of basic commerce features ready for styling. Specifically for SXA we developed an additional set of features allowing you to create a shopping experience that truly stands out.

Mercury for SXA provides you with additional functionality on top of the out-of-the-box SXA features as well as extra features to give your visitors the experience they deserve.

Commerce training

Ready to embrace Sitecore Commerce and our commerce solutions? Our training program is designed to match your skill level and take your commerce knowledge to the next level. All our trainers have extensive Sitecore Commerce knowledge and experience as certified developer or Commerce MVP.