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Share Consumer expectations of an e-commerce experience are increasingly demanding. And yet, most e-commerce businesses struggle to provide an experience that at least matches those expectations. Sitecore Experience Commerce is optimized to give you the tools you'll need to benefit from this gap.   

Just focussing on getting that single sale is not enough. If you want to compete in the e-commerce market you will need to focus on building a relationship that grows over time. Allowing you to reap more benefit from each customer.

To achieve this goal, your commerce platform should have at least these capabilities:
  • Pricing engine: Pricing individual / whole categories with ease
  • Promotional engine: Running offers on individual products or categories
  • Order management: Capturing all customer purchases
  • Catalog management: Managing your products
  • Customer management: Capturing all customer activities
  • Inventory management: Organizing your inventory
Sitecore Experience Commerce 9 has a strong focus on these six capabilities. Built to help you gain a competitive advantage by overachieving the expectations of your customers. Watch this video for a short introduction of Sitecore Experience Commerce 9.


The new commerce platform Experience Commerce blends content, commerce, and contextual marketing in a modern, cloud-enabled commerce suite helping you increase engagement and create higher revenues. An overview of what else is new in Sitecore Experience Commerce:
  • Flexibility and extensibility due to plug-in based architecture
  • User friendly business tools
  • Experience Accelerator Storefront (SXA)
  • New inventory features
  • Simplified catalog manager
Looking for more reasons why Sitecore Experience Commerce is the platform to invest in? Download this free whitepaper on how to gain the competitive advantage of contextual commerce.

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Sitecore Experience Commerce is the all new commerce platform with a even stronger focus on customer engagement #SITECORE # COMMERCE9 # SITECORECOMMERCE  Share
Why you should invest in Sitecore Experience Commerce 9? Watch the video and download this free paper #SITECORE # COMMERCE9 # SITECORECOMMERCE  Share