Seamless experience

Create the best experience across all channels

Everybody is talking about Omnichannel for e-commerce. Stop talking, start doing. Sitecore Commerce and Mercury E-commerce offer everything you need to serve your customers across all your channels. Create an integrated experience to boost your sales and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Create the best experience across all channels
Give your visitors want they want with Mercury E-commerce

Personalization 3.0

Give your visitors want they want

Personalizing the customer’s experience has never been easier, thanks to easily adaptable UI allowing you to extend the experience to product page details. This allows your marketers to easily set up a branded experience based on visitors’ searches for a specific brand or Black Friday.

Predict future behavior

Anticipate your customer to boost future sales

Being able to predict the needs of your customers based on previous interactions with your brand is the latest trend in e-commerce. Get in on this trend. Using a combination of marketing automation and valuable insights from extensive data reports that make use of all available customer data. Sitecore and Mercury make future sales a guarantee today.

Anticipate your customer needs

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