Offering your visitor a great incentive for return visits

Best of both worlds

Mercury introduces the wishlist to Sitecore Commerce. A perfect solutions for customers that are not ready to buy just yet but don’t want to forget about that item either. Using the wishlist feature in your online store provides visitors with a great reminder. The items added to the wishlist also provide you with an indicator of how desirable your products are besides just sales numbers.

Grow your registered user base

Offering your visitors a wishlist is a great way to encourage them to sign up for an account to your online store. Signing up will save their wishlist for future reference.

Adding items in a breeze

Because the wishlist is added to the product cluster, visitors can easily add items to their wishlist anywhere in your online store at any time in their customer journey. Without having to go a product detail page. The wishlist icon on each page indicates that your visitor has items on their wishlist.

Easy purchase of wishlist items

To remind your visitors of the items they placed on the wishlist, a mini wishlist is visible on each page showing all the selected items. The items placed on the wishlist can easily be added to their cart for checkout. And vice versa. A great way to reduce abandonment as your visitors no longer need to discard an item completely.

Adjustable styling and easy integration

As with all of our Mercury features, the wishlist comes with flexible UI. Allowing you to fluently incorporate the wishlist in your online store. Resulting in a richer customer experience for your visitors. Naturally, the wishlist integrates seamlessly with other features like product bundles and product comparison.

Wishlist in Sitecore Commerce

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