Showing stock information for each store

Combine your clicks and bricks

For many retailers, brick and mortar stores and online stores are two separate worlds. However, customers expect seamless integration across all the channels they use. Why not exceed the online expectations of your visitors by offering a richer omnichannel shopping experience? For instance, offer visitors insight into which stores have their desired product in stock.

Help your visitor on their way

On a product detail page, stores that currently stock specific products are shown. Important information the customer needs to complete their purchase in the store is displayed as well. This might include contact details and store opening hours, for example. Want to realize additional sales? Visitors can also search the stock of a specific store.

Every visitor, a different store

Visitors seek out store locations for various reasons. Perhaps they require a quick pick-up, want to visit a store for extensive shopping or need to bring in a repair. Show visitors what their best option is by making a distinction between your flagship stores, shop-in-shops and service points.

Find your store

Mercury E-commerce store locator functionality helps visitors find their preferred store. The nearest store is displayed based on the postal code. You can also add special opening hours or other specific information relevant to the store.

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