Customize your cart to fit your customer experience

Ready to personalize

One of Sitecore Commerce’s best features is the ability to fully personalize your e-commerce solution. In return, you need to develop everything from scratch, including your cart and checkout. Mercury provides a complete cart solution including a single or multistep checkout ready for styling. Go straight to the front-end of things and focus on standing out.

Keep them coming back

Customers abandoning their cart is a common challenge. How to get them back is what gives you the competitive edge. Taking an active approach to cart abandonment is a proven method to increase sales. With Mercury, sending a personalized email with a limited time offer persuading your customer to finish the purchase is easy. As is adapting the customer experience to the content of that email.

Increase your order value

Help your customers purchase everything they need by suggesting additional items based on the content of their cart, what other customers bought, or even limited offers. Showing these suggestions on their cart page makes you extremely relevant at just the right moment. With Mercury increasing your order value is simple.

Sell convenience

Mercury's cart is split into multiple components like ‘total’ and ‘discount’ to give you ultimate flexibility in tailoring the cart to your needs. Checkout components like ‘shipping’ can also be used on the cart page to help your customers choose the shipping method of their choice even before checking out. The convenience leads to a smoother checkout process and less abandonment.

Increase your order value with the flexible cart components of Mercury

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