Search Engine Optimization made easy with our SEO foundation

Search engine optimized

Enterprise e-commerce businesses face a huge challenge optimizing content for search engines. Ever changing algorithms and insights make managing your SEO efforts time consuming and costly. Mercury starts you off on a solid foundation that covers all search engine preparations to allow you to focus on going the extra mile.

A clear url structure

A sure way to help search engines index your website is the url structure. In just a few consecutive steps the url structure should reach its lowest detail level. Mercury is built to create a structure that’s best suited for indexing by search engines.

Eliminate duplicate content

Multiple urls leading towards the same product information is considered duplicate content by search engines. Mercury automatically fixes this issue with canonical urls, offering a single friendly url for indexation.

Metadata done easy

Meta data for each page and product is a time-consuming effort if done manually. Mercury automatically builds the meta data and keywords based on a template you customize to save you valuable time so you can focus on edging out the competition.

Clean SEO

Mercury comes with extreme flexibility and filter options, all leading to a styled version of a product page. The created url containing multiple characters is withheld while the friendly url is available for indexing. Using json. technology to indicate product details, search engines quickly recognize and index them as such.

SEO proof your e-commerce with Mercury SEO+. Clean urls and automated meta data

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