Mercury E-commerce is ready to use

Competitive edge

E-commerce is a high-pressure market that demands a competitive edge. Mercury allows you to spend your resources on creating that edge instead of developing the same generic components every e-commerce platform needs.

Latest technology

A new e-commerce platform should be based on the latest technology. Mercury is built to fully integrate with Sitecore Commerce and Experience Platform. All components are Helix-based and conform with Sitecore best practices and optimal developer productivity. React! as front-end technology guarantees a quick response from your website.

Easy integration

Mercury is developed to boost your e-commerce. To lower the impact of deploying your new e-commerce solution, easy integration with existing solutions is a must. Easily connect your current (or new) payment and shipping providers to your checkout process. Improve your conversion rates based on all the data sent to GTM and GA.


Mercury offers a predeveloped set of flexible components that take you straight to styling and personalization. Complete with a standard UI, Mercury gives you a head start. Maximize Sitecore’s e-commerce potential without having to start development from scratch for every component.

All you need

Integrating Mercury with your Sitecore Commerce gives you a fully stacked platform. The abundance in features renders other standalone applications obsolete. Manage content, e-commerce, marketing automation and personalization all in a single platform.

Mercury E-commerce uses React, Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1. and Helix

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