Make your product the star of the show

Showcase your product

Mercury extends its flexibility down to product presentation, taking away the rigidness of Sitecore data structure. As with Catalog presentation and Guided navigation, Mercury provides you with a complete UI ready for styling to present your products in the most lucrative way.

Create an experience

Optimize your product page so that it adds to the visitor’s experience. Mercury lets you tailor the look and feel of each product page to match a specific color, brand, or category. You can even use the parameters of an on-site search to change the appearance of a product page. Give your marketers the tools they need to create and improve your customer’s journey.

Highlight the important

You can easily add images or labels to specific products. Make the products of your choice stand out or guide your customer to the product you want them to buy. ‘Only available in store’ or a fire icon to represent demand are just a few examples of Mercury’s flexibility. In minutes your marketers can achieve what would otherwise demand a great deal of development.

Highlight the important information of your product to guide your customers towards that sale

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