Choosing the best fit item by easy comparison

Choosing the right item

Helping your customers choose the product that best fits their needs is a powerful way to reduce shopping cart abandonment. Our product comparison allows your customers to compare selected items and choose the one that's right for them.

Select items to compare

Customers can select the items they want to compare with just a click of a button. The selected items are saved to an overview, which is directly accessible from your navigation bar. Your customers can then select the reference product by which to compare the other products.

Using the right content

Part of this comparison includes an overview of product details. These details guide your customers towards selecting the right item. You can style this overview to meet your needs by placing the product details that matter most first.

Choose and buy

After selecting the best item from the comparison table your customers can immediately add this item to their shopping cart or wish list, resulting in more sales and happier customers.

Customizing comparisons

Offering your visitors product comparisons helps them make the right choices. Results should be clear and concise. Simply customize comparison results to include user-friendlier phrases that fit your customer experience, e.g. if an item’s price compared to the reference item is lower, change this value to ‘cheaper’ or if it contains less sugar, change this to ‘healthier’.

Sitecore Commerce product comparison

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