Suggest bundles related to an item for easy checkout

Increased sales

Offering related products has always been a great way to increase sales. Take upselling to the next level by allowing your customers to add an entire bundle of products to their cart with a single click of a button. Product bundles are offered on product pages, so you're on the path to additional sales even before your customers have reached checkout.

Realtime changes

Product bundles provide a richer shopping experience and greater convenience. The bundles displayed are based on the specific item your visitor is looking at. Switching to a smaller- or larger-sized variant of that item will automatically display bundles that match the new variant.

Richer shopping experience

Provide your customers with a shopping experience that exceeds their expectations. Offering them a bundle of related products allows them to find everything they need on one page. They can simply add the entire bundle to their cart without having to select individual items.

Customizable user interfaces

Include product bundles in your online store's look and feel to create the ultimate shopping experience for your customers by customizing the flexible UI components provided.


Mercury E-commerce adds product bundles to Sitecore Commerce's standard options. To access the product data necessary to create and display product bundles in your online store, Mercury uses your ERP data to modify the Commerce catalog.

Sitecore Commerce product bundles

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