Guiding your customers towards success

Ultimate flexibility

Sitecore uses a hierarchical data structure for storing catalog information and filtering only on product attributes within a specific catalog. Mercury takes flexibility to a new level by adding a multidimensional layer over Sitecore’s hierarchical data structure to give you endless possibilities, like randomly navigating between categories or product attributes.

Create new facets

Mercury is developed to support your marketers in optimizing the customer experience. Making new filters across all your product data instead of within just one catalog and creating new filters can easily be done by your marketers. This allows your developers to focus their time on building that competitive edge.

Change the styling

Make new filters come to life by adding a desired style. Mercury comes with a set of pre-developed filters like price sliders, color pickers and even logo placement instead of showing brand names. Easily style each filter to optimize the experience and ultimately increase your conversion rates.

Guide your customers

Help your customers find the products you want them to buy. Mercury’s flexible layer lets you style the results of a filter. Show a specific brand first or profile the top 5 results. Place your overstocked or highest margin products first to influence sales. Mercury gives your marketers the tools they need to guide visitors towards that purchase.

Guide your customer to the items you want them to buy

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