Featured products

Easily determine your offer

Not all red products are automatically suitable for, say, a Valentine’s Day page. You need to be able to preselect the products that best suit the occasion. With featured products, this can be done by selecting the items manually or by using a query based on predefined criteria.

Seize the moment

Nowadays, retailers have many special events and occasions to look forward to which present excellent opportunities for generating additional revenue. However, it also means they require a high degree of flexibility on their platforms. Now, product marketers can quickly and easily create new theme pages specifically designed to optimally capitalize on an event, a holiday or a special occasion.

Customizable styling

If you're going to do it, do it right. Featured product pages are built so they can be easily customized to optimally fit a theme. Extremely flexible UI and banners afford a page a unique look and feel.

Fast and flexible

With featured products, the work of product marketers becomes a whole lot easier. They can choose products that match the theme. The featured products pages are equipped with filtering, sorting and paging to offer visitors the best shopping experience. The result is a user-friendly page, tailored to display the right products at the right time to win over visitors.

Suitable for search engines

Featured product pages are generated with an SEO-friendly URL and optimized for indexation by search engines. The SEO-friendly URL is ideal for a mailing to bring your featured products to the attention of your customer base. Moreover, the link with Google Analytics gives you access to the right information to further optimize your campaign communications.

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