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Single or multi-step checkout process ready to go

Build to order

If it doesn’t exist, you can’t buy it. Or can you? Mercury offers you the possibility of checking out products that will not be built until an order is received. Examples include highly customizable bicycles, cars, or computer servers. Create a great customer experience by integrating your BTO solution.

Make that sale

Creating a smooth and easy checkout is vital to ensuring customers finalize their purchase. So is being able to change the checkout to continually improve the experience. Mercury provides you with all the components you need to set up and adapt your checkout process.

Payment providers

Losing a sale at the last moment often happens because the customers payment choice is not supported in checkout. Mercury is built to integrate easily with many payment providers, allowing you to offer all necessary payment methods to your customers so you never have to lose a sale again.

Single or multistep

Easily choose between single page checkout or a multistep process. Mercury makes A/B testing easy to find the checkout that best suits your business and comes with UI and logic for both, ready for finetuning by your marketers.

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