Optimize each touchpoint based on realtime data

It’s all about the data

Running an e-commerce platform requires more insights to improve conversion rates. Data on product, cart, checkout and payment performance allows you to tweak for optimal results. Sitecore Commerce and Mercury provide you with all the data necessary to drive your e-commerce.

Enhanced E-commerce Analytics

Every interaction with a Mercury component sends data to Google Enhanced E-commerce Analytics and the Sitecore Experience Database to provide you with a full set of interactions for all specific measurable e-commerce events. This data is necessary for you to make improvements based on actual insights.

Ready to integrate

Thanks to the generic tracking mechanism that Mercury uses it’s really simple to connect other 3rd party tracking software or add Mercury data to the Sitecore Analytics overview. Benefit from all the data sent from Mercury to your Analytics regardless of the provider you use.

Optimize your touchpoints

With the extensive data sent to Analytics, Mercury provides you with valuable insights on the performance of an entire journey and every single touchpoint. Zoom in on each touchpoint to improve every interaction with your visitors.

Optimize each touchpoint with actionable data from Mercury and Sitecore to boost conversions

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