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Turn product information into valuable content

Be relevant

Make the product information that persuades customers to buy a focal point. All other details can be placed further down the page to maximize the space above the fold to lead your customer to that sale.

Dynamic content

With Mercury you can change the way stock numbers are displayed, helping you to create a sense of urgency. Instead of stating the actual amount in stock you can persuade visitors with “Almost sold out” when less than 10 items are available.

Flexible presentation

Sitecore will display the available product information as is without being able to alter its appearance. With Mercury, you have the power to turn raw product data into visually appealing content so you can change the presentation of each data item in your catalog.

Images say it all

Today’s customers are used to symbols. Give more power to your presentation by turning data into the symbols everybody recognizes. Without any development necessary, your marketers change the way your product information is displayed.

Categorize your data

Many products have similar characteristics but vary in size, height or weight. Use Mercury’s flexibility to categorize those variations to make your product information more readable. Within minutes the height in inches is categorized into small, medium, and large.

Turn your product data into valuable content to add value to your shopping experience

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