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Competitive edge

E-commerce is a high-pressure market that demands a competitive edge. Mercury allows you to spend your resources on creating that edge instead of developing the same generic components every e-commerce platform needs.

Latest technology

A new e-commerce platform should be based on the latest technology. Mercury is built to fully integrate with Sitecore Commerce and Experience Platform. All components are Helix-based and conform with Sitecore best practices and optimal developer productivity. React! as front-end technology guarantees a quick response from your website.

Easy integration

Mercury is developed to boost your e-commerce. To lower the impact of deploying your new e-commerce solution, easy integration with existing solutions is a must. Easily connect your current (or new) payment and shipping providers to your checkout process. Improve your conversion rates based on all the data sent to GTM and GA.


Mercury offers a predeveloped set of flexible components that take you straight to styling and personalization. Complete with a standard UI, Mercury gives you a head start. Maximize Sitecore’s e-commerce potential without having to start development from scratch for every component.

All you need

Integrating Mercury with your Sitecore Commerce gives you a fully stacked platform. The abundance in features renders other standalone applications obsolete. Manage content, e-commerce, marketing automation and personalization all in a single platform.

Mercury E-commerce uses React, Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1. and Helix

Guided navigation

Ultimate flexibility

Sitecore uses a hierarchical data structure for storing catalog information and filtering only on product attributes within a specific catalog. Mercury takes flexibility to a new level by adding a multidimensional layer over Sitecore’s hierarchical data structure to give you endless possibilities, like randomly navigating between categories or product attributes.

Create new facets

Mercury is developed to support your marketers in optimizing the customer experience. Making new filters across all your product data instead of within just one catalog and creating new filters can easily be done by your marketers. This allows your developers to focus their time on building that competitive edge.

Change the styling

Make new filters come to life by adding a desired style. Mercury comes with a set of pre-developed filters like price sliders, color pickers and even logo placement instead of showing brand names. Easily style each filter to optimize the experience and ultimately increase your conversion rates.

Guide your customers

Help your customers find the products you want them to buy. Mercury’s flexible layer lets you style the results of a filter. Show a specific brand first or profile the top 5 results. Place your overstocked or highest margin products first to influence sales. Mercury gives your marketers the tools they need to guide visitors towards that purchase.

Guide your customer to the items you want them to buy

Catalog presentation

Flexible presentation

Sitecore will display the available product information as is without being able to alter its appearance. With Mercury, you have the power to turn raw product data into visually appealing content so you can change the presentation of each data item in your catalog.

Dynamic content

With Mercury you can change the way stock numbers are displayed, helping you to create a sense of urgency. Instead of stating the actual amount in stock you can persuade visitors with “Almost sold out” when less than 10 items are available.

Images say it all

Today’s customers are used to symbols. Give more power to your presentation by turning data into the symbols everybody recognizes. Without any development necessary, your marketers change the way your product information is displayed.

Be relevant

Make the product information that persuades customers to buy a focal point. All other details can be placed further down the page to maximize the space above the fold to lead your customer to that sale.

Categorize your data

Many products have similar characteristics but vary in size, height or weight. Use Mercury’s flexibility to categorize those variations to make your product information more readable. Within minutes the height in inches is categorized into small, medium, and large.

Turn your product data into valuable content to add value to your shopping experience

Product comparison

Choosing the right item

Helping your customers choose the product that best fits their needs is a powerful way to reduce shopping cart abandonment. Our product comparison allows your customers to compare selected items and choose the one that's right for them.

Select items to compare

Customers can select the items they want to compare with just a click of a button. The selected items are saved to an overview, which is directly accessible from your navigation bar. Your customers can then select the reference product by which to compare the other products.

Using the right content

Part of this comparison includes an overview of product details. These details guide your customers towards selecting the right item. You can style this overview to meet your needs by placing the product details that matter most first.

Choose and buy

After selecting the best item from the comparison table your customers can immediately add this item to their shopping cart or wish list, resulting in more sales and happier customers.

Customizing comparisons

Offering your visitors product comparisons helps them make the right choices. Results should be clear and concise. Simply customize comparison results to include user-friendlier phrases that fit your customer experience, e.g. if an item’s price compared to the reference item is lower, change this value to ‘cheaper’ or if it contains less sugar, change this to ‘healthier’.

Sitecore Commerce product comparison

Product bundles

Increased sales

Offering related products has always been a great way to increase sales. Take upselling to the next level by allowing your customers to add an entire bundle of products to their cart with a single click of a button. Product bundles are offered on product pages, so you're on the path to additional sales even before your customers have reached checkout.

Realtime changes

Product bundles provide a richer shopping experience and greater convenience. The bundles displayed are based on the specific item your visitor is looking at. Switching to a smaller- or larger-sized variant of that item will automatically display bundles that match the new variant.

Richer shopping experience

Provide your customers with a shopping experience that exceeds their expectations. Offering them a bundle of related products allows them to find everything they need on one page. They can simply add the entire bundle to their cart without having to select individual items.

Customizable user interfaces

Include product bundles in your online store's look and feel to create the ultimate shopping experience for your customers by customizing the flexible UI components provided.


Mercury E-commerce adds product bundles to Sitecore Commerce's standard options. To access the product data necessary to create and display product bundles in your online store, Mercury uses your ERP data to modify the Commerce catalog.

Sitecore Commerce product bundles

Product presentation

Showcase your product

Mercury extends its flexibility down to product presentation, taking away the rigidness of Sitecore data structure. As with Catalog presentation and Guided navigation, Mercury provides you with a complete UI ready for styling to present your products in the most lucrative way.

Create an experience

Optimize your product page so that it adds to the visitor’s experience. Mercury lets you tailor the look and feel of each product page to match a specific color, brand, or category. You can even use the parameters of an on-site search to change the appearance of a product page. Give your marketers the tools they need to create and improve your customer’s journey.

Highlight the important

You can easily add images or labels to specific products. Make the products of your choice stand out or guide your customer to the product you want them to buy. ‘Only available in store’ or a fire icon to represent demand are just a few examples of Mercury’s flexibility. In minutes your marketers can achieve what would otherwise demand a great deal of development.

Highlight the important information of your product to guide your customers towards that sale

Store availability

Combine your clicks and bricks

For many retailers, brick and mortar stores and online stores are two separate worlds. However, customers expect seamless integration across all the channels they use. Why not exceed the online expectations of your visitors by offering a richer omnichannel shopping experience? For instance, offer visitors insight into which stores have their desired product in stock.

Help your visitor on their way

On a product detail page, stores that currently stock specific products are shown. Important information the customer needs to complete their purchase in the store is displayed as well. This might include contact details and store opening hours, for example. Want to realize additional sales? Visitors can also search the stock of a specific store.

Every visitor, a different store

Visitors seek out store locations for various reasons. Perhaps they require a quick pick-up, want to visit a store for extensive shopping or need to bring in a repair. Show visitors what their best option is by making a distinction between your flagship stores, shop-in-shops and service points.

Find your store

Mercury E-commerce store locator functionality helps visitors find their preferred store. The nearest store is displayed based on the postal code. You can also add special opening hours or other specific information relevant to the store.


Best of both worlds

Mercury introduces the wishlist to Sitecore Commerce. A perfect solutions for customers that are not ready to buy just yet but don’t want to forget about that item either. Using the wishlist feature in your online store provides visitors with a great reminder. The items added to the wishlist also provide you with an indicator of how desirable your products are besides just sales numbers.

Grow your registered user base

Offering your visitors a wishlist is a great way to encourage them to sign up for an account to your online store. Signing up will save their wishlist for future reference.

Adding items in a breeze

Because the wishlist is added to the product cluster, visitors can easily add items to their wishlist anywhere in your online store at any time in their customer journey. Without having to go a product detail page. The wishlist icon on each page indicates that your visitor has items on their wishlist.

Easy purchase of wishlist items

To remind your visitors of the items they placed on the wishlist, a mini wishlist is visible on each page showing all the selected items. The items placed on the wishlist can easily be added to their cart for checkout. And vice versa. A great way to reduce abandonment as your visitors no longer need to discard an item completely.

Adjustable styling and easy integration

As with all of our Mercury features, the wishlist comes with flexible UI. Allowing you to fluently incorporate the wishlist in your online store. Resulting in a richer customer experience for your visitors. Naturally, the wishlist integrates seamlessly with other features like product bundles and product comparison.

Wishlist in Sitecore Commerce

Shopping cart

Ready to personalize

One of Sitecore Commerce’s best features is the ability to fully personalize your e-commerce solution. In return, you need to develop everything from scratch, including your cart and checkout. Mercury provides a complete cart solution including a single or multistep checkout ready for styling. Go straight to the front-end of things and focus on standing out.

Keep them coming back

Customers abandoning their cart is a common challenge. How to get them back is what gives you the competitive edge. Taking an active approach to cart abandonment is a proven method to increase sales. With Mercury, sending a personalized email with a limited time offer persuading your customer to finish the purchase is easy. As is adapting the customer experience to the content of that email.

Increase your order value

Help your customers purchase everything they need by suggesting additional items based on the content of their cart, what other customers bought, or even limited offers. Showing these suggestions on their cart page makes you extremely relevant at just the right moment. With Mercury increasing your order value is simple.

Sell convenience

Mercury's cart is split into multiple components like ‘total’ and ‘discount’ to give you ultimate flexibility in tailoring the cart to your needs. Checkout components like ‘shipping’ can also be used on the cart page to help your customers choose the shipping method of their choice even before checking out. The convenience leads to a smoother checkout process and less abandonment.

Increase your order value with the flexible cart components of Mercury


Make that sale

Creating a smooth and easy checkout is vital to ensuring customers finalize their purchase. So is being able to change the checkout to continually improve the experience. Mercury provides you with all the components you need to set up and adapt your checkout process.

Single or multistep

Easily choose between single page checkout or a multistep process. Mercury makes A/B testing easy to find the checkout that best suits your business and comes with UI and logic for both, ready for finetuning by your marketers.

Payment providers

Losing a sale at the last moment often happens because the customers payment choice is not supported in checkout. Mercury is built to integrate easily with many payment providers, allowing you to offer all necessary payment methods to your customers so you never have to lose a sale again.

Build to order

If it doesn’t exist, you can’t buy it. Or can you? Mercury offers you the possibility of checking out products that will not be built until an order is received. Examples include highly customizable bicycles, cars, or computer servers. Create a great customer experience by integrating your BTO solution.

Shipping providers

The convenience with which customers receive their purchases is a big part of the customer experience. New shipping methods are easily added to your checkout with Mercury. Based on geo location you can even offer them the closest store or central warehouse where they can pick up their order. Customers are more likely to complete the purchase with a shipping method of their choice.

Single or multistep checkout and easy integration of payment and shipping providers


Search engine optimized

Enterprise e-commerce businesses face a huge challenge optimizing content for search engines. Ever changing algorithms and insights make managing your SEO efforts time consuming and costly. Mercury starts you off on a solid foundation that covers all search engine preparations to allow you to focus on going the extra mile.

A clear url structure

A sure way to help search engines index your website is the url structure. In just a few consecutive steps the url structure should reach its lowest detail level. Mercury is built to create a structure that’s best suited for indexing by search engines.

Eliminate duplicate content

Multiple urls leading towards the same product information is considered duplicate content by search engines. Mercury automatically fixes this issue with canonical urls, offering a single friendly url for indexation.

Metadata done easy

Meta data for each page and product is a time-consuming effort if done manually. Mercury automatically builds the meta data and keywords based on a template you customize to save you valuable time so you can focus on edging out the competition.

Clean SEO

Mercury comes with extreme flexibility and filter options, all leading to a styled version of a product page. The created url containing multiple characters is withheld while the friendly url is available for indexing. Using json. technology to indicate product details, search engines quickly recognize and index them as such.

SEO proof your e-commerce with Mercury SEO+. Clean urls and automated meta data


It’s all about the data

Running an e-commerce platform requires more insights to improve conversion rates. Data on product, cart, checkout and payment performance allows you to tweak for optimal results. Sitecore Commerce and Mercury provide you with all the data necessary to drive your e-commerce.

Enhanced E-commerce Analytics

Every interaction with a Mercury component sends data to Google Enhanced E-commerce Analytics and the Sitecore Experience Database to provide you with a full set of interactions for all specific measurable e-commerce events. This data is necessary for you to make improvements based on actual insights.

Ready to integrate

Thanks to the generic tracking mechanism that Mercury uses it’s really simple to connect other 3rd party tracking software or add Mercury data to the Sitecore Analytics overview. Benefit from all the data sent from Mercury to your Analytics regardless of the provider you use.

Optimize your touchpoints

With the extensive data sent to Analytics, Mercury provides you with valuable insights on the performance of an entire journey and every single touchpoint. Zoom in on each touchpoint to improve every interaction with your visitors.

Optimize each touchpoint with actionable data from Mercury and Sitecore to boost conversions