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Built on Sitecore Commerce®. Put your
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Trap zelf het pedaal in en ervaar de snelheid van de beste marketing- & analysetools in Mercury.

A powerful array of marketing & analysis tools.
Find out just how easy it can be to own
the customer experience.

Rapid Rollout

Mercury Highlights

Get ready for liftoff

Give your sales an added boost
Boost turnover by cross-selling and upselling – quickly and easily. Provide relevant and related content and product recommendations that you can configure to take account of seasonal factors, profit margin, inventory level, recent release date, etc.

Houston, all systems are go!
Take full advantage of options to interface Mercury with a wide range of other components and systems besides your product catalog. Think: ERP, CRM, business rules… the sky's the limit.

Zoek en je zult vinden

Seek and ye shall find
(even faster with Mercury)

Keep it sweet & simple (KISS redefined)
Give your customers intuitive, easy-to-use search and browsing functions, so they can find exactly what they're looking for in your product catalog – quickly and easily.

Look, listen & learn
Provide your e-commerce marketers with the tools to create an even more intuitive customer experience, based on how your customers actually search and browse your product catalog.

  • It's their journey, not yours
  • That's the way they are

Place your customers center stage

It's their journey, not yours
Allow your content marketers to manage the brand experience and fine-tune each customer's unique journey with personalized content, navigation and product design.

That's the way they are
Empower your content marketers still further by allowing them to analyze customer behaviors and browsing patterns, and to provide relevant content at just the right moment.

Display the right content

Forget, 'Location! Location! Location!'
Remember that nowadays it's all about the right content in the right place at the right time.

Enrich your customers' online experience with informative, related content from your product catalog, and allow them to make a complete and informed decision.

Serveer de juiste content op het ideale moment
Maak het persoonlijk

Deliver the personal touch

Just the way they like it
Give your e-commerce marketers full control over the checkout process. Single step? Multi-step? Aligned to each customer's ordering behavior and supplemented with product recommendations and relevant content.

Maak het 100% veilig

Provide peace of mind

Privacy paramount
Provide your customers with total peace of mind. A secure, self-service interface that allows them to view and/or edit their account settings, contact details and order history.

Security supreme
Implement additional security measures at any stage of the user experience to give your customers the additional reassurance they need.

Als eerste over de finish

Go for the checkered flag

Let your product catalog do the driving
Use your product catalog to automatically configure and boost your site's SEO, putting you in pole position in Google rankings.

And let your marketers do the turbocharging
Enhance your site's SEO still further by having your e-commerce marketers fine-tune Mercury's automatically generated metadata.

Social media

Share. Rate. Review.

Let your customers do the selling
Let your customers create the buzz for you – on their preferred social media channels. Allow them to share 'wish lists' or product information. Have them rate and review your products for all to see.

Sign up. Log in. Take off.
Make it even easier for your customers to sign up and log in to your site using their existing social media accounts. Then sit back and watch them network.

Hou je vinger aan de pols

Keep your finger on the pulse

Fully integrated
Allow your analysts to see the whole picture with fully integrated Google Analytics e‑commerce tracking and Sitecore® event triggering.

Highly intuitive
Give your e-commerce marketers complete control over event triggering with intuitive and easy‑to‑configure Mercury components.


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