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Integrate content with commerce

Using one platform to create relevant experiences

Just having an e-commerce platform isn't enough anymore. As customers are spoiled for attention you need to stand out in order to get that sale. Integrating your content with commerce is a good way to start. Using Sitecore Experience Platform you can serve content that's relevant for each individual visitor. By matching content with commerce you offer a seamless experience on your website and in your shop.

Integrate your content with your e-commerce
An omnichannel experience is a big part of digital transformation

Avoid disconnected experiences

Seamless across all your channels; go omnichannel

Don't settle for offering a great experience in each individual channel. Your customers don't think in channels, they think in experiences with your brand. Not connecting those experiences, however great they are individually, could leave your customers in discontent. Sitecore's Experience Platform allows you to engage in conversations with your customers that seamlessly flow from one channel to another. 

Create the ultimate experience

Extreme personalization is your competitive edge

Give your visitors the shopping experience they deserve by making it personal. Sitecore's Experience Platform let's you create a 360 view of each visitor and serve them the content and products to match. Our Mercury E-commerce components give you ultimate flexibility to change the styling of each element to enhance the customer experience. 

Personalization is a big part of your digital transformation

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