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Hi! We are Mercury, a group of dedicated Sitecore Commerce specialists combined in our passion for e-commerce.

We truly believe in the transformative power of code and design, and we aim to simplify e-commerce, elevate experiences, engage, and inspire customers. Good design and good code come from collaboration.

We learn from you, our partners, our clients, and our customers to create a topnotch e-commerce experience together.  

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Mercury is a product of Europe's Sitecore Commerce expert

Aviva Solutions is known as the Sitecore Commerce expert of Europe. Implementing this great platform since the turn of the century. 

Since then, our finest developers, project managers and marketers - one of which is an international Sitecore Commerce MVP, work around the clock to add new features.

An enthousiastic team of professionals dedicated to Sitecore and Mercury are ready for you at Aviva Solutions. 

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How to reach us?

The magic happens in a small town just outside Amsterdam. The Mercury E-Commerce head office is based in Koudekerk aan den Rijn.

Our secondary office is in Eindhoven, the European Sillicon Valley.

Phone: +31 71 710 7472

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Quote of the week

Henry Kissinger

There cannot be a crisis next week. Our schedule is already full.

Our current sprint

Summit, summit, and summit

This sprint is all about getting ready for the E-commerce Summit in Barcelona, which we will be attending as sponsor. Looking forward to demo Mercury for SXA and Sitecore Experience Commerce 9.

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Get to know the people behind the product

Peter Hesseling, Product Development Lead

Peter Hesseling

Product Development Lead
With over 15 years of commerce experience and a passion for online commerce, I am always looking to extend Mercury with ready to use features and great flexibility.
Jonne Kats, Software Engineer

Jonne Kats

Software Engineer
Strongly focussed on E-commerce and using Sitecore for almost 3 years. I'm the solution architect for Mercury, which is the E-commerce accelerator for Sitecore.
Joost Meijles, Software architect

Joost Meijles

Software architect
Experienced software enthusiast who loves to create software with great external and internal quality. Preparing Mercury for its world-tour.
James Li, Software developer

James Li

Software developer
Software developer with a wide range of experience in E-commerce solutions. Serious about creating designs that meet requirements, are flexible and can be maintained for long product lifetimes.
Jeroen de Kort team Mercury

Jeroen de Kort

Dedicted .NET and Sitecore developer who also helped to develop Mercury E-commerce
Frank Bakker, Solutions architect

Frank Bakker

Solutions architect
An experienced Software architect passionate about technology. Proud member of Team Mercury, working enthusiastically on the continuous improvement of Mercury E-commerce.
Erwin Werkman, E-commerce Consultant

Erwin Werkman

E-commerce Consultant
17 years experience in developing e-commerce solutions for wide range of customers. First Sitecore Commerce MVP in 2015. Now part of a fast growing and enthusiastic Sitecore Commerce MVP community.
Mercury E-commerce team member Arnold Jan

Arnold Jan van der Burg

Arnold Jan van der Burg, Software Engineer
Developing e-commerce solutions for more than 10 years with a strong focus on development with the Microsoft .NET framework.
Martijn Spaan, Team Mercury E-commerce

Martijn Spaan

Software developer
Broadly experienced Software developer with great affinity for e-commerce. Currently focussing on Sitecore.
Frans Bruijnen, Project Manager

Frans Bruijnen

Project Manager / Consultant
Experienced Project Manager with a strong passion for e-commerce
Barry Loekenbach, Business Development

Barry Loekenbach

Business Development
Business development manager with 15 years of experience in marketing and supply chain. Passionate about driving customers success with our solution accelerator.
Martin van Houte, Front-end developer

Martin van Houte

Front-end developer
Frontend Developer at Mercury. I write about Frontend and UX related topics, always with the latest techniques and trends in mind.
Jeffrey de Graaf, Front-end developer

Jeffrey de Graaf

Front-end developer
Experienced with building medium to large scale websites. Focused on the overarching part of building front-end websites and apps. Estimating work, roadmap development, research and development.
Leo Wessels, Project Manager

Leo Wessels

Project Manager / Consultant
Of all project management skills, getting teams to truly collaborate is the most important.
Roel Kuik, Online marketer

Roel Kuik

Online B2B Marketer
Content marketing is more than a buzzword. It is the hottest trend in marketing because it is the biggest gap between what buyers want and brands produce.