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After 15 years of implementing e-commerce and developing the same required components from scratch every time, it dawned on us: there is a smarter and lower cost way to do this.

We developed an advanced grid for all required e-commerce components that's ready for styling. This shortens your time to market and saves valuable resources, allowing you to focus on the things that make a real difference: how your customers experience your brand and e-commerce platform. 

E-commerce without competitors
Extend your brand experience with Mercury E-commerce

Get the most out of your e-commerce

Enabling our clients to focus on edging out their competitors is a big part of what we offer. But it’s not the only thing. Besides the significantly shorter time to market, Mercury comes with a lot of extra features to give your customers the best experience.

You have ultimate flexibility over the Sitecore data structure and a powerful UI that allows you to change your catalog, navigation and product information for each visitor. Not your first e-commerce platform? Mercury is built into easily integrate your current services and providers. 

Our customer stories

Let our ambassadors convince you
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Mercury e-commerce is a complementary set of ready-to-use components and layouts, 100% integrated in Sitecore.
Wanda Cadigan Global VP Commerce at Sitecore

Five steps to success

Our approach to project development ensures that your new platform launches on time and up to specs. Using a fit/gap analysis we divide the project into 4 tracks in which we address specific requirements: 

  • E-commerce
  • Architecture and Infrastructure
  • Design
  • Sitecore Optimization 
This approach safeguards your budget, project running time and risk with a final go after the reassessment. No strings attached.

Transform your business with Mercury E-commerce
Future proof your e-commerce with Mercury E-commerce

The solutions team

Mercury is the product of more than 15 years of experience with Sitecore Commerce. We launched our very first Commerce Server project in Europe in 2000. Since then, 10 of our finest developers, project managers and marketers - one of which is an international Sitecore Commerce MVP, work around the clock to add new features. An enthusiastic team of professionals dedicated to Sitecore and Mercury are ready to excelerate your e-commerce.